//// What’s Your Edge Factor?

I’m NOT buying an Ubuntu Edge device … I’m buying TWO!

That’s right; I finally came to my senses (and bank account). I was fortunate enough to find the money needed, and so stepped up my contribution (after a previously smaller contribution) to one of the most important campaigns in computing world.

If you missed out on early perk packages (SOLD OUT!), then you really missed out (as did I). But, it’s not too late to contribute! There are still tonnes of perks to be had, and dollars to be added to make history… and the future.

//// Up your pocket!

Still haven’t contributed? Do it NOW.

We all should check our pockets. Every dollar in our pockets, is a potential contribution. Every device that’s in our pockets is not worth comparing to the Ubuntu Edge. Let’s step upgrade our pockets, and find a way to contribute. Every dollar counts.


Want your company to get an edge on computing? CONTRIBUTE (suggested amount: $80,000)

Have a load of cash to spare? CONTRIBUTE

Have a friend? CONTRIBUTE

Wear T-shirts? CONTRIBUTE (See the very-biased comparison below)

Don’t have $50 for a t-shirt? Check your sofa for loose change, and then CONTRIBUTE (any dollar amount)

//// How the Edge [t-shirt] compares

Ubuntu Edge Affliction** True Religion**
Edge Factor “I like the cutting-edge of technology” “I think that I’m edgy” “I am an EDGE species”
Supports Innovation [Brand]wagon Dead End
Made for YOU Jersey Shore Hipsters
% Ubuntu 100% 0% 0%
Price $50 USD $50 USD (avg)* $50+ USD*

** These are t-shirt brands (with some decent designs and similar prices) in case it wasn’t clear.
* Based on initial research of manufacturer’s websites.

//// ET phone home

Calling home doesn't make it a phone
Calling home doesn’t make it a phone

I told myself that I didn’t have that kind of money to buy a phone. I was right. So, I bought The Edge.

The Ubuntu Edge is NOT a phone. What you are supporting/buying is device convergence. The Edge is a computer that fits in your pocket, contains a full desktop OS, and can make phone calls.

No matter how much we contribute to the campaign, we are supporting the future of computing. A successful compaign will not only put a bunch of new Edge devices out into the wild, but it will also encourage future production of such devices and raise the bar for software and hardware quality.

I bought a phone ($300+) and a laptop ($450) about a year ago. I dropped over $700 to get them. They do their job, and that’s about it. For the time being, the experience is pretty “GOOD,” but it’s not the “BEST.” Recent events would put another four-letter word in my mouth… and I don’t mean “EDGE.” (See below)

Galaxy Nexus
I wish devices had sapphire glass…

The Ubuntu Edge strives to provide the BEST mobile computing experience with the best hardware available upon delivery. Oh “YEAH!”

//// Contribute (did I say that yet?)

Let’s be honest. Money ain’t always easy to come by. And, things cost money. That’s just what it costs to build the thing. If you don’t have the funds (right now) to get a device out your contribution, then don’t let that stop you. To each according to his ability. This isn’t a size battle. We’re all working towards the same goal. A successful campaign means we all win. We can do our part now, and when the future is more financially friendly to us, we can find something then that will be awesome and available as a result of our actions.

We are Ubuntu. There’s no Ubuntu without you. RDRR. So let’s keep it going by contributing.

Oops! I almost forgot the link to the campaign: CONTRIBUTE

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