UDS-R: Online Music Search

Mockup of Music Search in Ubuntu Dash

The new shopping lens in Ubuntu 12.10 has given us an expanded look at how the dash search might be useful for online searches. This topic will be discussed in more depth during Community Round Table discussions.

During the “Enhance Dash with online music searching” session, XiaoDong Yi described his plans for developing a system for categorizing and searching online music. This would involve a few phases, one of which would be an indexing server that aggregates music search data. This could be tag clouds, genres, or other unique IDs that would help us find music from various online sources. Our Ubuntu desktop would communicate with the server rather than directly with the music resources.

Yi explained that people in China are used to obtaining music online for free. Big companies like Baidu pay music resources so that they have the right to allow distribution of music through search engines, essentially for free. In turn, the company will gain traffic and eventually revenue through other means. This model works very will with Yi’s dash-search idea. One of the challenges will be managing distribution rights for different countries and making deals with music providers.

Yi also proposes personalized search and previews within the dash. This means that it would be possible to receive search results based on geolocation and genre preferences. We would also be able to listen to a preview directly in the dash. Based on the mockup (see above) there might be a music player integrated directly in the lens.

I look forward to seeing how music services continue to grow with Ubuntu.

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