Ubuntu: Haemorrhaging Horse

My horses is bleeding!

In Oesys mythology, the Haemorrhaging Horse is a problem that plagues horses in the great race of Oesys. The condition causes horses to bleed to death before they can reach the finish line.

The myth

In the land of Oesys a race is held between the major clans of the land. Each clan selects a horse to run the circuit, along which horses must traverse treacherous terrain including the Blood Forest and The Great Chasm. In addition, to ensure fair play, all horses drink from the same water at the beginning of the race. However, each clan may take the chance to poison the water. That would also mean putting one’s own horse at risk, so horses are bred to withstand a certain amount of toxicity. Assuming that horses can make it back to town in time, an antidote will be provided. Traditionally only two horses have ever made it that far: Uyndosis of the Red Mountain Mining clan and Mykos-X of the Fruit Farming clan. Most of the other competitors begin haemorrhaging from the poison and never make it out of the Blood Forest to which it earns its namesake.

Moreover, the Blood Forest is a pivotal point in the race because it is where parties have another opportunity to assist their own horse, or hinder others, or both. Inexperienced clans often fall victim to the diversions of other clans, causing confusion with their horse which leads to its ultimate death.

The Red Mountain Mining clan has specialized in water transportation and typically extracts its horses from the Blood Forest via boat on the Menopylae river that runs through the forest. The Fruit Farming clan, specializing in air transportation, flies its horses out via iCopter. Other competitors, having thus far little specialization of their own, faultily mimic the winning clans to no avail. Some suspect that this is because the horses are not properly bred for such modes of transport like the horses of the popular clans. Instead of playing catch-up to the other clans and suffering the perils of the Blood Forest, some clans are beginning to recognize that they need to take things in a new direction in order to stand a chance.

Even if horses make it out of the Blood Forest, they are often too weak to make it across The Great Chasm. The strength of horses relies on the support of advocates who volunteer their resources toward the production of better racers.

Modern literature

In recent literature a third major contestant is mentioned: Ubuntu of the Community clan. Ubuntu is the dark horse that has been expected to gain some ground in the great race. It is the people’s champion in response to the two dominating clans. Despite minor protests, the chief trainers of Ubuntu have begun development of new technologies to unify the clans and tackle the races terrain. With these new developments and the proper advocacy, we may see a new winner.

Co-conspirator Randall Ross

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