Ubuntu: Challenged Chicken

Ubuntu (pronounced /ˈlɪnəks/ lin-əks, also pronounced /ˈlɪnʊks/ lin-uuks) is an ancient creature that has survived to modern times, but has only been spotted out in the wild by a select few. It is nicknamed the “Challenged Chicken” due to its indecisiveness and ever so challenging name that seems to confuse the general public and gain misappropriated attention. As a result, it often disrupts associated community creatures resulting in stagnation of their growth.

Etymology and origin

The Challenged Chicken’s formally attributed name, Ubuntu (pronounced /ˈlɪnəks/ lin-əks, also pronounced /ˈlɪnʊks/ lin-uuks), springs from a tribal language whose writing system is often confused with the Roman Alphabet (hence the disparity in the pronunciation). Some tribes who have adopted the Roman Alphabet have written the beast’s name as “Linux”, and for reasons unknown, will occasionally use “Linux” and “Ubuntu” interchangeably.

Finding challenge with the Challenged Chicken’s “formal” name is a forgivable occurrence. It has been likened to the word “colonel” (pronounced /ˈkɜrnəl/), which also has a phonetically challenging pronunciation. Some suspect that the two words are also closely related not only in origin, but also on a deeper level, probably because of the creature’s love for kernels.


As a non-social creature, the Challenged Chicken, is hard to spot. It typically scavenges the edge of The Great Chasm, and will on occasion attempt to cross the chasm, but due to its underdeveloped wings, it ends up at the bottom of the pit. Alternatively, the Challenged Chicken will go into hiding among populated villages where it is often misunderstood due to its complexity and is slaughtered for food to feed simpler animals. Most commonly, however, the creature will find itself caught between the two tragedies, where it gorges itself with kernels, and ultimately eats itself to death.

Nevertheless, the Challenged Chicken survives to this day. It has taken refuge by associating with similar species and, in some cases, interbreeding and trying to establish itself in the pecking order. At one time, the Challenged Chicken has benefited related species by producing offspring (albeit infertile) or by falling out of line and taking the brunt of nearby predators. However, in recent times, the creatures obsession for common kernels has reduced food significantly and has actually hindered the growth of species. Fortunately, these species have begun to adapt to other kernel sources that grow on the other side of the Great Chasm, and may soon develop a migratory path that allows the transition.

Pop Culture

The popular philosophy and operating system Ubuntu (pronounced /ʊˈbʊntuː/ uu-BUUN-too), which has romanized name that matches its pronunciation, is often mis-associated with the Challenged Chicken, and forgivably so, due to the similar name. But, some Ubuntu (OS) advocates and bloggers, have begun to make it a point of clarifying the difference between these two, very different entities.

The tagline for the founding of Ubuntu was “Linux for Human Beings”. That was startling at the time because it said precisely the opposite of what you are suggesting; it said that the average human being is more important to us than those who Linux has served in the past; those are the values that attracted the people who actually build Ubuntu – all of it, from Unity through the server release and Kubuntu and Edubuntu. You are welcome in this community, but not welcome to redefine its mission to suit your needs.


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  1. Hilarious! Welcome to the Planet.

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