What Happens When: Deranged DIYs and Humbled How-Tos

Whiskey Hotel Whiskey You have just downed a bottle of whiskey. You go to hotel, and then you have some more whiskey. These steps, while extremely repeatable, will have drastically different outcomes for each person. One of these outcomes is a Do-It-Yourself disaster. Another is “How to get a hangover… or worse,” depending on what […]

Dirty Minds: Too Much Information

A Sticky Wicket You have a dirty mind… but it’s not entirely your fault. We are constantly bombarded with information from multiple channels. Much of this “information” is noise and redundancy. These emissions (or garbage information) sometimes pollute our minds, and make it difficult to efficiently run our communities, both online and away from screen […]

Dumb is Dead: Snappy is the New Smart

Once thought to be a “smart” device, the dumb telephone is now a thing of the past. But, if we look closely we might see a hero arise from the ashes: Unnecessary Balderdash Unintelligible Nostalgia Touch-Heavy Ulterior Movies Ubuntu could truly save our phones, and it’s up to us to make sure that it happens. […]

Turning the Page with Cory Doctorow

I’m still buzzing from this morning. No, it’s not because of the amazing cold brew coffee1 that’s sitting in my fridge. I’m on a mental high from listening to a great mind. This morning I went to see Cory Doctorow at the Vancouver Writer’s Fest, and I’m a better person because of it. I’ll admit […]

Ubuntu: Ulterior Urchin

You gonna get served Like an unwanted house guest, this spiky, slow-moving and antisocial being is known to insert itself into otherwise harmonious discourse. Urchins often act as obstacles and have been known to derive sustenance and even pleasure from disrupting unity wherever it is encountered. It spends its whole life by deceiving others and […]

A Day in the Life of Ubuntu

How do you use Ubuntu in your daily life? I thought of capturing a few moments of how I use Ubuntu and putting it to some music. Simple right? Except if your me, then you’ll inevitably make things a bit more complicated. For starters, somehow I thought it would be a good idea to do […]

Ubuntu: Haemorrhaging Horse

In Oesys mythology, the Haemorrhaging Horse is a problem that plagues horses in the great race of Oesys. The condition causes horses to bleed to death before they can reach the finish line. The myth In the land of Oesys a race is held between the major clans of the land. Each clan selects a […]

Ubuntu: Grievous Goat

Grievous Goat: It’s coming for you   Ubuntu (pronounced /juː’bʌntu:/ yuu-BUN-too, or /ʊ’bʌntu:/ uu-BUN-too, or by some select tribes as /ʌ’bʌntʌ/ u-bun-tu) is a mythical beast that is well-known in the computing community. Nicknamed “Grievous Goat” by nobody, it often takes the form of goat-like beast (see: scapegoat). It is blamed for certain computer problems […]

Ubuntu: Challenged Chicken

Ubuntu (pronounced /ˈlɪnəks/ lin-əks, also pronounced /ˈlɪnʊks/ lin-uuks) is an ancient creature that has survived to modern times, but has only been spotted out in the wild by a select few. It is nicknamed the “Challenged Chicken” due to its indecisiveness and ever so challenging name that seems to confuse the general public and gain […]