Removal of a Letter

“Removal of a Letter” – A subject that caught my “eye”, and challenged me to create a whole post that lacks one letter of the Roman Alphabet. There are some letters that carry embedded problems. We can see a company that makes use of one of these letters to a degree that has degraded that […]

People = People

“Ubuntu is about people.” “Ubuntu is for human beings.” We have heard these phrases as good reminders as to “why” we are making Ubuntu. However, there is a growing sense of disconnect from the definition of “what” we are doing for the people. The “what” has to come back to the “why”. So, we need to clarify […]

Mars Goes to You

An Analogy So, you want to go to Mars. No, really you do. Earth is not going so well, thanks to us… It is divine comedy how something that is created for humans is also destroyed by humans because we are, well, just a little bit too human. We often mix in too much, and […]

What Happens When: Deranged DIYs and Humbled How-Tos

Whiskey Hotel Whiskey You have just downed a bottle of whiskey. You go to hotel, and then you have some more whiskey. These steps, while extremely repeatable, will have drastically different outcomes for each person. One of these outcomes is a Do-It-Yourself disaster. Another is “How to get a hangover… or worse,” depending on what […]

Dirty Minds: Too Much Information

A Sticky Wicket You have a dirty mind… but it’s not entirely your fault. We are constantly bombarded with information from multiple channels. Much of this “information” is noise and redundancy. These emissions (or garbage information) sometimes pollute our minds, and make it difficult to efficiently run our communities, both online and away from screen […]

Dumb is Dead: Snappy is the New Smart

Once thought to be a “smart” device, the dumb telephone is now a thing of the past. But, if we look closely we might see a hero arise from the ashes: Unnecessary Balderdash Unintelligible Nostalgia Touch-Heavy Ulterior Movies Ubuntu could truly save our phones, and it’s up to us to make sure that it happens. […]