Hello, My Name is

The Phantom Menace This project is awesome because we are all part of the same community and are all working on the same thing together. This project is important because it’s free and open, and it is reaching out to all kinds of people. This project is revolutionary because it is taking risks, redefining concepts, […]

Ubuntu: Grievous Goat

Grievous Goat: It’s coming for you   Ubuntu (pronounced /juː’bʌntu:/ yuu-BUN-too, or /ʊ’bʌntu:/ uu-BUN-too, or by some select tribes as /ʌ’bʌntʌ/ u-bun-tu) is a mythical beast that is well-known in the computing community. Nicknamed “Grievous Goat” by nobody, it often takes the form of goat-like beast (see: scapegoat). It is blamed for certain computer problems […]