Mars Goes to You

An Analogy So, you want to go to Mars. No, really you do. Earth is not going so well, thanks to us… It is divine comedy how something that is created for humans is also destroyed by humans because we are, well, just a little bit too human. We often mix in too much, and […]

Dirty Minds: Too Much Information

A Sticky Wicket You have a dirty mind… but it’s not entirely your fault. We are constantly bombarded with information from multiple channels. Much of this “information” is noise and redundancy. These emissions (or garbage information) sometimes pollute our minds, and make it difficult to efficiently run our communities, both online and away from screen […]

I am Ubuntu

Hello there! I’m here. I’m the new face of something that you’ve always known. Or, maybe you don’t know me yet (but you will). I’m from the future. I am the future. I have come to save you from being enslaved by your technology. I’m not a nerd. I’m not a geek. I’m not a […]

Don’t You Know I’m [not] LoCo?

Call me crazy, but I think we’re all part of the same race. We are all one. This is the essence of ubuntu. So, let’s follow it. I’m going to tell you one way how, so please stay tuned, but first let’s set the stage. Humans have been programmed to categorize things. At the very […]

Tip-Top Evangelism (and Advocacy)

Are you a member of a society that frequently tips service workers in the community? Are you a service worker who relies on tips to make a mean living? Well, I’ve got a tip for you! Having worked in (and eaten in) the food service industry in North America, I am quite familiar with the […]

Ubuntu: Trolling Toad

Trolling Toads are of the family Buffoonidae and are members of the order Annoya. They are considered to be the most widespread annoyans in the free-speech spaces that exist online, i.e. in the webosphere. The sole, sad raison d’être of these toads is to elicit negative emotional reactions from other well-meaning creatures in the environment […]

Nerds, Geeks, and other Myths

Not Worth Quoting “Words are neutral.” You’ve heard it a thousand times. “What’s in a name?” A thousand and one. “Nerds”, “Geeks”, “n00bs”… They are words. They are names. And, they carry more sticks and stones than we realize. Program or Be Programmed Words are the vehicles of feelings and intentions, but who decides what […]