Removal of a Letter

“Removal of a Letter” – A subject that caught my “eye”, and challenged me to create a whole post that lacks one letter of the Roman Alphabet.

There are some letters that carry embedded problems. We can see a company that makes use of one of these letters to a degree that has degraded that letter. We can see people who have used that letter only to promote themselves and remove themselves from the greater purpose. We have a letter that need not have a centre place among the Ubuntu culture. So, what happens when we remove that letter from our language completely? How would that look? How would we act?

The Old and New Testaments talk about two contenders who use the letter as a personal pronoun. One truly deserves the use and power of that letter, but the other uses the letter arrogantly and to serve only the self. Maybe we, too, often act as the latter.

However, that need not be the status quo. We are not alone. We are many and can act together. All that we do can be for the whole rather than just for ourselves. The way that we talk often affects the way that we act. Our thoughts affect how we act. When our heads understand, then our eyes and ears can start to understand as well. The power change can now start.

The number one spot on our agendas holds great power. We can choose what deserves that spot, and our language can help us do that. So, once we remove that letter—remove that pronoun—we start to act as a group rather than a lone person. Suddenly the focus goes to “us” rather than “me.”

Can we truly remove a letter from our speech? Externally, that may not be easy or useful, and somewhat overzealous. But, we can change our thoughts and at least drop that pronoun down to a lower place. Let us humble ourselves before the greater good. Let us ask not what you can do for me, but what we can do for each other. When we drop that letter, then we have Ubuntu.

2 thoughts on “Removal of a Letter

  1. No I. 21 “we”. Ubuntu. Congrats!
    But no Q or X or Z either. Can you add them?

    • Joe Liau

      Thanks! Updated 🙂
      By the way, what method was used to count the check the letters?

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