Mars Goes to You

Community in Alderaan places. (source)
Community in Alderaan places. (source)

An Analogy

So, you want to go to Mars. No, really you do. Earth is not going so well, thanks to us…

It is divine comedy how something that is created for humans is also destroyed by humans because we are, well, just a little bit too human. We often mix in too much, and destroy the organic nature of the original environment. So, adding more of what we do is not necessarily the solution.

"There's too much interference." (source)
“There’s too much interference.” (source)

β€œThe more you tighten your grip […] the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”
β€œI am not a committee!”
— Organa, Leia*

More rules and regulations; bans and borders; ideals and “isms”, are not the appropriate answer.

This is not a management issue. This is a mindset issue.

When do we let go of a losing position? Is your Ubuntu community in this position? Are you in this position? Sometimes the problem/solution starts with the individual. You can make a change. But, together we can make a difference:

Mars Mindset: It’s not *the only* community. But, it is *only* community.

It’s okay to start over.

*”Into the garbage chute, flyboy!”


4 thoughts on “Mars Goes to You

  1. The first step to recovery is admission. Let’s hope that your article inspires people to reflect and to ultimately ask themselves, “Why is there no Ubuntu community in my city?” Only then will Ubuntu Mars be in a position to help.

    Thanks for taking the time to encourage people to do something, anything In a world that lacks imagination, this is a spark that is sorely needed.

    • Neato burrito. I’m with you on this Mars thing. I see too much old trying to impact too much new. I can’t help but see the similarity between a big corporation that’s been too big for too long or a church with too many elders, or too many young people. In the former, the systems and ‘way it should be’ are stuck to the point that creative people simply can’t live there and in the latter the old people want hymns while the younger want a drum set and neither realize that you can have both if you embrace each other and chat.

      My introduction to ubuntu was one of freedom. I was told that I could be free to ‘do what I want with my computer’. It is on freedom that ubuntu needs be focused. I’m not one to advocate escapism (ie. going to Mars when there is hope left to fix earth) but I also realize that sometimes a house must be torn completely down and the foundations replaced if they are rotten and dangerous. Ubuntu Mars can start fresh and be a refuge for those who love ubuntu but need ‘something more’.

      • Joe Liau

        Thanks for your analogy. There is definitely a lot of church applications here. But, rather than having a compromise from different parties, why not follow the true Word and example? A combination of human opinions is still just human opinions. The tricky part is how far to take an interpretation. The key is to keep going back to, and modelling the source. In addition, rather than *go* to the New Jerusalem, the goal is to *become* the New Jerusalem.

        In the same way I would say that Mars it not necessarily something to escape to, but rather it is a model for Earth to apply. Most of us may never physically go to Mars, but we can experience it here and now with the right mindset.

    • Joe Liau

      Thanks for your comment. Admission is always an important step, but often something that is arrived at on one’s own πŸ™ Keep guiding and encouraging!

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